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19 - 22 June 2024

How Plastics Is Important to Industries Amid Environmental Crisis?

Amid the widely acknowledged environmentally friendly trend, plastics is viewed as a major villain that every industry sector is campaigning to reduce its use and creating alternatives on hoping to make a better world without plastics.

Plastics: Material that Drives Industries

According to Professor Phil Coates, Director of the Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre, University of Bradford of the UK, he said, “Plastics are a vital part of the drive to ‘lightweight’ products to save energy across all industry sectors. It makes sense to exploit their range of physical properties and processability, combined with lightweighting capabilities, enabling many valuable products.” 

What’s more, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations also mentioned about a role of plastic in food industry, that is “The lack of appropriate food packaging and storage will cause tremendous food waste after harvesting, along with loss in every process of supply chain, especially in developing countries.” 

At the bottom line, it’s more essential for further research & development to make modern plastic become more hygienic and safe, as well as degradable. This will contribute to the overall betterment of business in terms of cost-effectiveness and waste reduction especially in food industry.      

We could say that apart from substituting plastic with alternative materials, the much more actions are needed:

Simplify waste collection

systems to remove consumer confusion

Apply eco-design

for easy-to-recycle packaging

Invest in waste recycling

by building up infrastructure, and invest in technologies like new sorting methods and chemical recycling.

Consumer Education

and instill the value of recycling across the culture. 

Or if you need to study more about the future of plastics or take part in its development on packaging and recycling, InterPlas Thailand 2020 will be ASEAN’s most comprehensive platform on plastics manufacturing, garnering breakthrough technologies along with international experts to realize the sustainable future of plastics. 



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